Despite their small size, EM-SMART lasers will surprise you with their possibilities.

EM-SMART laser engravers have a unique design.
Lightweight construction and modern design enable easy and trouble-free installation. Their low weight allows lasers to be easily moved depending on your needs. They fit on a desk, and with additional protective housing, they meet safety standards in industrial applications.
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Discover the possibilities of the EM-Smart laser engraver

EM-Smart fiber engravers

See which EM-Smart laser is right for you

EM-Smart lasers are a constantly expanding series of fiber lasers with a similar design, always simple and quick to install. Small housing, lightweight construction, and easy assembly, which does not take more than 30 seconds, are the great advantages of our devices. Metal marking with EM-Smart has never been easier. With its help, you can engrave durable text, logos, signs, inscriptions, and graphics. In addition, with the EM-Smart MOPA laser, you can engrave in color. Choose the EM-Smart laser for your needs!

Laser engraver

EM-Smart ONE

The EM-SMART ONE 20W fiber laser is a tool for instant engraving on various types of metals and selected plastics. Additionally, available protective housing is dedicated to working in the professional industry and wherever strict safety standards require it to be fully enclosed.
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Laser engraver


The EM-SMART NOVA 18W and 25W. Compared to EM-Smart ONE – NOVA has a higher efficiency in the 25W version and a lower weight, which is only 8.5 kg. Especially recommended wherever mobility and low energy consumption are valued! It is available with a rotary attachment as an option.
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Laser engraver


The EM-Smart BASIC 18W laser is designed for service companies, small businesses, or advertising agencies, and its small size, low power consumption, and lightweight design are an additional competitive advantage. In addition, the version with a rotary attachment is suitable for rings engraving.
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Laser engraver

EM-Smart BASIC 2

EM-Smart BASIC 2 is a more efficient 25W laser engraver. It is designed to produce high-quality and precise engravings on a wide range of materials, such as metals and selected plastics, with up to an 8000mm/s speed. It is available with a rotary attachment as an option.
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Laser engraver


The EM-Smart MOPA 20W or 30W laser, thanks to the ability to adjust the frequency and duration of the laser pulse, allows you to achieve engravings on stainless steel in 32 colors. MOPA laser enables higher contrast engraving on metals and plastics. It is available with a rotary attachment as an option.
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Licensed EZ-CAD EM-Smart software. Prepare your design for marking.

You get licensed software for each laser marker in the box. You will find them on the flash drive included in the set. In addition, you get it in Polish, which you will add during the program’s installation.
You will quickly learn to implement your projects and achieve surprising results!


Technical assistance

See our support materials to help you get started with EM-SMART lasers

If necessary, you can arrange individual training in the use of the program and the device


See how the software installation process works in a few steps


Useful settings and the most important things to do before you start


How to quickly select the most effective operating parameters

Free engraving test

Send us your product - we will make for you a free test on EM-Smart laser so you can see the real-live results.

Training included

To each laser, we offer simple video documentation, tutorials, and online training for devices purchased from us

Laser presentation

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the device at the online show or in our showroom. We will present the assembly and operation of the laser.


Our specialists can prepare additional hardware and software training for EM-Smart lasers.


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If you have any questions, write to us. Our specialist will contact you to discuss the topic.


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